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Character design commission
I don't know how to name it right now, well this is a character design commission for ODST-Art45 because she liked my character laiz so she ask me if i could do a female version of him for her, and here she is, if you want me to change anything or edit anything just say it.
(sorry for not doing it earlier i was in italy)
27 deviations
Well tomorrow i go to a axchange with italy to speak english( i know it doesn't have got so many sense) so i didn't going to be answearing the notifications until the next friday.
Hope you have a wonderfull weekend.
Tagged  by the cute drawer TwigyPie.

1.Which do you think is more interesting "Plant Goru" or "Pastel Gore" (if you don't know, look it up)?
I don't know why but i like pastel gore, i alwaus like swwets rainbows and blood.

2. Fandoms you  like/hate?
IDK i will say that i like the oc fandom if that exist, because i love the characters that people create.

3.Have you ever broken the rules before? and if so what?(that part optional)
yup, but i don't remember right know.

4.Have you thought of wearing a collar before?
No, i normally don't wear any accesories.

5.If you could be in anyone shoes (you know what I mean) who would it be?
IDK, maybe i can't think of areal persson hat i will be, i have got a life, why change it (Amaia Montero)

6.If had to be in any horror game, what would it be?
thinking of a horror game...
Fnaf? i don't know i can't play so many games.

7.As a artist, have you ever considered quiting before?
Wut, i don't smoke if you mean that and i never thing of it knowing all the deaths...

8.Have you ever broken a bone, or bruise a body part?
Nop, but
I hit a few times against the south and the head, also rolled by a little hill, but nothing serious happened.

9.Have you ever felt feeling for the same gender once in your life?
Nop, for some reason i was never in love with nobody, idk.

10.Which is creepier, detailed mannequins or dolls?
dolls , for so long the clown doll that was from my mum, we trow it to the rubbish.

Sorry for beeing a little late, i needed the computer, but my mum have got it.

well i tag TWolfie , AlphaicRose and anyone who wants to do this!


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hi everyone my name is Lunia and I have got 13 years old.
I like to draw characters, Ocs ,gore, and other random things.I usually submit art in fridays and weekends but in holidays I can submit them any day of the week.

Please do not steal, reupload, recolour or trace my art without permmission.Don't use it without my permission.


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Thanks for the fav dear~! ^w^
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You deserve it!
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Thanks for the fav! I love your artwork by the way! It's gorgeous! :happybounce: 
LuniaDraws Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Oh, thanks a lot!
(and you deserve the like)
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I like your style of artwork!
It's interesting for me to look at! ^^
LuniaDraws Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Thanks, I'm always tryng to work in it.
Bart-The-Bear Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant
Ok ^^
ODST-Art45 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Foxya This was stolen.. and the Thief insists that I get the artist.
LuniaDraws Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for saying.
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